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Typical City 3 installation

City 3 Controller

Management System Controllers

The City3 controller comes in a range of different options. It can be fitted with either electro-pneumatic or electro-hydraulic motorisation, depending on the model. It can also be equipped with either an URBACO U200, Siemens LOGO! or Siemens AT224 logic control board.

The City3 controller will run simultaneously the interface between a bollard and a barrier or an automated gate, supplying air or oil to the bollards as necessary.

Depending on the model, it can control up to 4 retractable bollards and up to 2 separate accesses. City3 can recieve commands from the usual array of external radio transmitters, integrated keypads, cardreaders and induction loops. The whole process can be managed through a network by integrating City3 into Urbaco's Sygma2 supervision software.

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