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Urbaco City 6 controller

City 6 Controller

Management System Controllers

The state-of-the-art City6 controller with centralisable Siemens AT224 PLC is designed to supervise operation of automatic retractable bollards with electropneumatic or electro-hydraulic motorisation depending on model. It can also run simultaneously the interface between a bollard and a barrier or an automated gate, and can be fully integrated with Urbaco's Sygma2 supervision software.

The PLC, compressor and operation logic components are accessible from the front door. A smaller trap door (for emergency use) gives access to a push button where from the bollard can be forced down. When a ticket printer has been installed, its paper roll can be replaced using another side trap door. The polycarbonate printed front face integrates a red/amber position light and control components available on option. City6 is modular, meaning additonal traffic lights can be added easily. City6 can run a complete site access (with URBACO limit switches, bollard position lights, induction loops, control actuators and compressor surveillance).

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