Technical Control Centres

PLUS is the name given to our standard 230v pneumatic technical control centre. This heavy-duty cabinet contains all the necessary hardware to run up to 4 automatic retractable bollards. The heavy duty air compressor is designed to operate under intensive-use situations and requires little or no maintenance.

The state of the art U200 control board runs URBACO limit switches, lights indicating bollard position, induction loops, and remote control actuators by dry contact as well as compressor surveillance. An optional expansion card can be built into the box, allowing you to run a 2nd access.

All URBACO Plus control centres (and therefore automatic bollards) can be operated by the usual range of CAME radio transmitters, keypads, card readers, induction loops etc. and can easily accomodate a wide range of safety loops and detectors.

Urbaco Technical Control Centre
Urbaco Automatic Bollards