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Mediterranean Tree Grille


Tree Grille

Urbaco tree grilles are composed of 4 x 20mm thick castings assembled on-site using the GRIP Urbaco system.

The installation is carried out on a hot-dip galvanised steel support, sold separately, or directly on levelled ground.

Urbaco tree grates are finished with a heat-sealed polyester powdercoating in furnace gray, however other RAL colours are available on request.

Urbaco Tree Grille Grate

Urbaco Automatic Bollards


Description Outer Diameter Inner Diameter Weight Reference
Mediterranean Tree Grille 1250 mm 450 mm 106 kg MGMDTGB1G
Accessories Round steel support grid - ref. MGMDTSB1
Accessories Standard colour black RAL 9005 - Other colours RAL - ref. TPRALMOB